Eligibilty of Rewards Programme
A customer who creates account with Tashkila will automatically be rewarded with points at initial 200 points. Subsequently, points will be rewarded for every order spent. Points will accumulate on when products are purchased on www.tashkila.com or offline pop-up booths, and can be used to benefit from various offers.
All information disclosed by a customer must be complete, readable and usable to benefit from the Rewards Program. Information disclosed must be kept up to date by being updated  by visiting the web - www.tashkila.com/account
In no event may any voucher be transferred or exchanged against cash.
Conditions of the use of the Rewards Programme
Rewards programme are personal to each account and cannot be transferred to or used by another person/account.
Account holder must use his/her account/points in strict compliance with these terms and conditions. If Tashkila suspects that an account beneficiary is not complying with these terms and conditions, it reserves the right to suspend or terminate the Rewards Programme at its sole discretion.
Condition on obtaining the “I AM Tashkila” Premium Member
The “I AM Tashkila” Premium Member is entitled to customers with account who obtains 1000 points within a year. To register a member, customers simply create an account with us.
Once a customer has hit 1000 points withing a year, Tashkila will vet the account and produce Premium Member cards within 1 month. Premium Member Cards will be sent via mail and notify via e-mail.
“I AM Tashkila” Premium Member Card can be used for Tashkila pop-up booth/offline store to accumulate points or any other various offers/promotion.
Any voucher connected to this Rewards Program which is damaged, scratched, torn or is in bad condition may be refused by Tashkila sole discretion. Replacement of card will be charged at a fee of SGD 30 each time.
Benefits of “I AM Tashkila” Premium Member
  • Present during offline sale/pop-up booth to redeem points
  • Entitled to various promo/offer
  • VIP Member
  • Priority customers to receive promo/offers
  • Receive Tashkila’s exclusive merchandises
  • Receive a Mystery Gift from us



1. How do I entitled for points?

Simply create an account with us at www.tashkila.sg/account

If you already have a registered account previously with the same email, 200 points have already been registered under the account mentioned.

2. How to check my points redeemed?

You may check by logging in with your email and password at www.tashkila.sg/account or simply click the bottom right "I AM TASHKILA" icon. 

3. How do I be entitled for “I AM Tashkila” Premium Card?

You may get it once you hit 1000 points in a year.

4. Can I purchase “I AM Tashkila” Premium Card?

Unfortunately no. It is available for FREE once you hit 1000 points in a year. Card is available upon request.

5. What if I lost my “I AM Tashkila” Premium Card?

Card replacement is charged at SGD 30 per time.

6. Does signing up for an account same as receiving newsletter?

No, newsletter is optional. However, it is recommended so you will not miss any promotions / offers.