Tara Juice
Tara Juice
Tara Juice
Tara Juice
Tara Juice
Tara Juice
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Tara Juice

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To be consumed daily, 1 sachet per day at anytime of the day, best morning before breakfast or at night before bedtime. 

Who can consume Tara Juice?

- Single women

- Married women 

- Confinement mummies (to be consumed 2 weeks after delivery)

- Menopause women

Tara Juice is a botanical beverage specially for women.  It is packed in a portable sachet so that you can taste its deliciousness straight from the pack. This pomegranate-flavoured modern jamu juice helps to elevate a women’s inner wellness and promises to help bring back that unforgettable magic of your first night.

 Main Benefits of Tara Juice

- Tightens and aids a healthier miss V

- Reinstate a woman's inner and outer energy

- Strengthens your immunisation system and prevents diseases

- Eliminate menstrual cramps and helps to regulate menstrual cycles (especially for younger women)

- Helps in attaining translucent and youthful skin

- Eliminates excessive white discharge

- Balances a women's hormonal system and encourages smooth bloodflow

- Gets rid of bacteria/fungus and strengthens vaginal muscles

*Those with chronic illnesses such as kidney disease, heart failure, autoimmune disease cancert etc. are not advisable to take Tara Juice. Other stable chronic ilnesses (hypertension, diabetes, cholesterol) are allowed to consume Tara Juice but please consult with your personal doctor first.