BudiNadia - Khalifah 2.1

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Material: Monacco Silky, Italian Valentro

Color: Brown

Cutting: Slim

Features: 1 Side Zip, 1 Chest pocket, 2 front pockets, 1 side pocket on each side of pants

Type of Baju Melayu: Teluk Belangah

Buttons: Attached Material is perfect for hot weather as it is cooling and comfortable.

Model is 176cm in height wearing size M Purchase does not come with samping.


1. Unbutton all buttons and unzip size zip.

2. Insert arms into sleeve first.

3. Pull down top (for those with wide shoulders and chest, it will create a bit of tightness, so pull down each side slowly)

4. Once top is worn, fully zip the side.

*Color in picture may varies as seen in picture examples depending on type camera, resolution and lighting