Lemon Squeezy - Rinse-free hand wash (70ml)
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Lemon Squeezy - Rinse-free hand wash (70ml)

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rinse-free hand wash + french lemon oil.

Kolonya (which is best translated as eau de cologne) has been a treasured symbol of Turkish hospitality and health since the Ottoman Empire, and used mainly as a refresher, perfume and effective hand disinfectant.

Our kolonya contains 75% isopropyl alcohol (v/v) and infused with 100% natural, cold-pressed lemon oil sourced directly from France. And with just the right amount of plant-based glycerin to keep your hands moisturised after each use, we’re certain the scent of fresh lemons will brighten your mood.

This product conforms with all Singapore Health Sciences Authority (HSA) guidelines and requirements.