My Simple Skincare Routine

My Simple Skincare Routine

It's the new year and let's start with more self love. My definition of self love is putting more attention to your skin. I hope mine isn’t too much when you read this. I am currently using milk base facial wash which I am in love with the scent. I got it for free from my facial. Followed by toner, my favourite one is actually PIXI Tonic toner but mine finished and I got this toner for free too which I thought I would use it first. I never practiced using toner because I actually do not understand what’s the purpose back then (FYI to regulate your PH level). I started using when they say it is the important part of the regime so bought one (can’t remember what brand was that), but I still don’t see any different to my skin. Until I saw some girls raving about PIXI Tonic Toner and I swear by it. It really does removes dead skin!

During the day, facial wash toner and moisturizer. I never stick to a brand honestly, I am always trying out new stuff because I am so vain like that. That’s all. No sunscreen. I hated it because most of it feels sticky and oily! Do you have any recommendation which is not sticky and doesn’t makes your skin looks oily? 

During the night, same routine except I replace moisturizer with serum followed by eye cream. On a weekly basis, I would use face mask (of a different kind) up to 2-4 times per week, really depend on how not tired I am. Have I gone too cray yet? 2-4 times? Among them are mud mask, peel off mask, exfoliant, oxygen mask and sheet mask! I find it important to pamper your skin - nevertheless good skin complexion will boost a person's confidence too. 

I always love au natural and how some people can go out without make-up on and still look so flawless and fresh! That’s what I am trying to achieve. To be honest, I do not have a major skin problem, just probably my dark circles, dull skin and some milia under my eyes and sometimes my forehead. You know, the dot-dot thing? Mmhmm. I rarely get pimple but when I do, it’s a huge and obvious one.

I still go out with make-up duh; concealer, mascara, lippie and blusher at least! Otherwise people would thought I am sick. What’s your skincare regime like?

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